Chicken Pot Pie

My husband craves pot pie like most of us crave chocolate, so instead of buying the frozen pies he likes, I decided to recreate it.

I grilled chicken breasts, then sautéed celery, onion, threw in some peas and carrots. Once that came together I made a quick sauce from chicken stock, the sticky bits from the pan, a little milk and fresh tarragon and rosemary from our patio garden. I threw it into a 9-inch pie pan that I had placed my very simple pie crust, topped with another crust.


20 minutes later we had a wedge of chicken pot pie with a simple green salad finished with a lemon vinaigrette.

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  1. We also love the homemade pot pie and on a Sunday with extra time, I will throw a whole chicken, cut up, into a pot with water, carrot, onion (I am allergic to celery if you can believe it), pepper corns, then simmer an hour or so. Then, remove chicken to cool, pick the meat, reduce the broth. Cook more carrots, onions, mushrooms in butter until browned, stir in some flour, then some of the broth- throw frozen peas in at the end, then top with a crust and bake. I love the herb crust on epicurious and it is even better with parmesan folded in.

    This recipe also works great for chicken and dumplings which is essentially a more liquidy pot pie…

  2. You know, my mom never used to make actual pot pie when we were growing up; instead, she’d just make a giant pot of the filling. It freezes really well, and whenever we were in the mood for it, we’d heat it up and spoon it over biscuits, english muffins, or toast. I’ve taken the same approach to pot pie in my adult life.

    Also, if you can’t be bothered with civilized things like heat, or dishes, it’s pretty great to just eat a couple of spoonfuls. Cold and straight from the fridge. Better than ice cream, man.

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